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PLEASE GO TO http://naniiebimhbd.blogspot.co.uk/ IN FUTURE FOR INFORMATION UPDATES.

Naniiebim is a Professional freelance illustrator and comics artist.
Contact via naniiebimhbd[at]hotmail.co.uk for commission queries.
Please provide a clear idea of your project brief, illustration requirements and budget if possible.
I have experience as a working illustrator and designer since 2003. My
rates are negotiable to briefs, both rates per project and rates per
hour are negotiable to client.

I draw, write and self publish comics which are for sale in my shop or at conventions.

READ mephistos comic at Smackjeeves:

Or MangaMagazine

Find at:
Pixiv: Naniiebim
Tumblr: Naniiebim-here be demons
Twitter: Naniiebim
Facebook: Naniiebim here be demons
DA: Naniiebim
Smack Jeeves webcomics: naniiebim
SHOP: http://www.etsy.com/shop/naniiebim

Comic shops holding Naniiebim books- will be restocked after Thought bubble

THE ASTRAL GYPSY, Workshop 7, Canal Basin, St Nicholas Street, Coventry, CV1 4LY. TEL:  024 7655 1912

TRAVELLING MAN, 4-4a Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1JW. TEL:  0161 237 1877

TRAVELLING MAN, 32, Central Road, Leeds, LS1 6DE. TEL: 0113 243 6461

TRAVELLING MAN, 43 Grainger Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 5JE. TEL: 0191 2614 993

MEPHISTOS REVIEW : http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2012/review-mephistos-just-a-tail-of-a-boy-and-a-girl/
JELLYFISH AND ORANGE REVIEW: http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2012/review-jellyfish-prince-and-orange-wordless-little-beauties/

MEPHISTOS 4 Traduction en francais.


Telford MCM has been booked and confirmed! I'll be at the Midlands MCM
in Telford this February the 16th and at London Super Comic Con
23rd-24th Feb.
Other con dates updated: http://naniiebimhbd.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/naniiebim.html

Private commission rates are up here: http://naniiebimhbd.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/private-commssion-rate.html
you are still on smackjeeves reading Mephistos, I will only be posting
up Book 1 [chapter1] at SJ. The rest are being posted at Manga Magazine:
Book 3 starts from chapter 6!

a: i wanted to draw chrysanthemums [the bug me] and b: i wanted to play around to try and get a metallic ink screenprint effect.

M5 practice

Practicing drawing Meths and Maria. Thumbnailed up M5, but can’t do any more to it til after the weekend now -_-


Recently, I've been getting more and more requests for free work. It's flattering, that people want my artwork, and if the fact was that i was happily comfortable with my financial situation and that drawing was just a hobby, I probably would!

However, the reality is this- I'm freelance, but I've been a full time illustrator since I graduated in 2003 and went directly into drawing children's books for Little Tiger Press. If you type "Louise Ho" into Amazon, you'll probably actually find my books there. I've a BA in Illustration, and a Masters in Children's book Illustration. I'm registered with the HMRC as a self employed individual.

When you work freelance, you will at points find yourself without work- either while waiting for a client to get back to you about something, or in between jobs, it happens, you don't have work all the time, and I've never had an agent to fill up the little hours of my working day with lots of work. So during that time, I also drew for myself, it started as a hobby, but is now quite a solid side to my drawing business, I've always loved creating books although I had to learn a lot when the transition went to very limited to single edition hand crafted books to bigger print runs. However, I always retain a bit of my old practices, I make each book by hand before it's printed.

I started freelancing at a time when the internet and digital art was just getting into gear, physical portfolios and visiting studios/ publishers on foot was the norm in those days. It's changed a lot in the past 10 years and I've had to move with the dynamic. These days, a digital online portfolio makes communicating with a potential client so much easier and cheaper, but with a price, the range in competition for fewer jobs is much higher as well.

I go into bookstores these days, and rarely buy a book. But take a look, how many are actually illustrated these days? Most of them are photostock graphic design jobs. I realized the difference when i was in a comic book store, and I was so much more interested in the contents of the books because of the illustrated covers. It's a sector of illustration that is confined to narrow areas these days.

There's often a lot of raised voices these days when the subject of paid commission comes up. Personally for me, I do feel a twinge of unhappiness when someone asks me to work for free. It's my profession after all, and I don't mean it in a snobby sort of way- it's the thing I do in my day to day life to pay bills, feed  and clothe myself, and prepare for my future. I worked hard from scratch to build up my reputation and business. If you have a job, and your boss or company asked you to do overtime for free, how would you respond? If your boiler broke, would you ask the boiler guy to fix it for free?

Basically, if you want something which you can't do yourself, and you're asking someone who does it as a profession, it's a professional exchange situation. Although I work drawing things, there are a huge number of people who can't draw who will ask me to do it for them. And then there are people who think drawing is an amazing skill they don't have, but don't respect that it takes time and effort to do. It's a sort of wave your wand and it's there thing. It's kinda not.
So- yep, I draw stuff - it's my job. I work most days in the week, usually about 8-10 hours a day. [They're not always well paid.] I love what I do, but there are never enough hours, days, weeks, months or years to do everything I want or need to do.

I'm working on getting a website made soon as it's becoming increasingly relevant that I'm going to have to make people aware of my working status. The simplicity of it is this- All the drawing I do is in some way connected to work. Even the small random pictures I draw for fun is part of my upkeep in honing my drawing ability. It's tiring, but a line is now drawn- my drawing is my career, please don't ask me to draw for free unless I offer to!

In any case, if you would like to commission me, please do contact me!
Although my rates will never be as low as some artists, I have 10 years experience as a working illustrator, and my rates are negotiable to briefs, both rates per project and rates per hour are negotiable to client.

I no longer take on graphic novel projects.

Many thanks,

Lou/ Naniiebim

The future!

Hi guys, first, off, i'd just like to say: Thank you ALL for supporting me with my comics over the years. It's been AWESOME, and I've had a brilliant time not only making them, being able to meet a huge number of you and just feel the good vibes from you guys about my comic.
You may or may not know that I self publish my own comics, so I create and pay for the books out of my own pocket. It's part of my business, and I LOVE this as part of my livelihood.
so, basically- I'm getting to the end of my print run of Mephistos book 2, [Mephistos book 3 is not terribly far behind] and I was wondering if I could get some feedback off you, as I was considering making a remastered collected edition of Books 1-2-3 in one volume. For me, the problem is that I don't want to alienate people who have bought my books before- The series will continue as single paperback books as their first edition and I have to wait until I sell enough numbers to get to the point of making a collected edition. I'm veering between whether to continue with reprinting singles or making them limited editions with a slow running collected edition every few years. What do you guys think?

Thankyou in advance!



I’m freezing the postage price on my items in store this month until December- they’ve been the same for ages, but this year the postage prices have really gone up T-T and I’m unfortunately going to have to raise mine soon so I’m at least covering sending stuff out [which it really isn’t at the mo T_T]
So! Please take this opportunity to both get in before the December UBER maniac post and to get my wee offer of low postage before a: you hit parcel traffic- it’s the only month I’ve know postage items take a 4 week detour, and b: before I have to raise it up to actual costing.

I have a few bundle offers in the shop at the mo which pack together a lot of stuff in one big lot- these include the 4 book special [Mephistos books 1+2+3+4 and an artbook ] The 3 book special [1+2+3 Mephistos books and an artbook] or 3 A5 books of choice.
Please also let me know if you want a specific bundle and I can put you up your own listing to order!

All books are signed and orders come with little omake bits too ^^

I send from the UK to all locations internationally!

Thank you ^^!

SHOP: http://www.etsy.com/shop/naniiebim

INFO: http://naniiebim.livejournal.com/
TUMBLR: http://naniiebim.tumblr.com/
DA: http://naniiebim.deviantart.com/

Webcomic Mephistos: http://mephistos01naniiebim.smackjeeves.com/comics/1560607/mephistos-page-01-02/

ALL COMIC SAMPLES: http://www.smackjeeves.com/profile.php?id=92254

Ps- I'll be in Leeds at thought bubble this weekend :)

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